Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Sunday Morning Musings - Part 144

What the hell, it is Wednesday, and 4pm... where's the Sunday or Morning in that?

Look, I can't help it, I could blame it on latent jet-lag (more about that later), living in a time warp, or cabin fever, or dammit, I could just be being spontaneous (which I don't mind as long as it doesn't include combustion after it)

Now is it me, or do we bloggers all get to that point when making a things to do list, and "write up blog" gets written down. Suddenly it is there, written down in your best handwriting (or spider crawl), in your favourite ink, in pencil, eye liner or crayon.... whichever, it is there, written alongside things like, tidy "that" drawer in the kitchen, sort out a shoe rack in the hall for goodness sake, and clean the inside of the windows as you can't blame the hazy grime purely on condensation any longer.

Written down it suddenly comes under the "chores" heading, and that feeling creeps in.... I can do it tomorrow, does it "need" doing, should I clean all the windows, even including the conservatory, first.. can I even find another job to add to the list and do first, I could even make dinner, bake a cake, frame a photo.....

And "write up blog" gets further down the list. You check your blog stats, just in case 100,000 followers signed up overnight (you know they haven't, but you secretly wish they had). Then you feel you are letting down those people that always check in, these friends that you have been discussing recipes with, illness, life and love, ups and downs, and any manner of things, across the ether and airwaves all these years. And then that programme you like comes on TV, dinner is ready, and it is dark outside, and "write up blog" gets further down the list.

And all this while, you still haven't read that article your sister sent you, or sorted out all those CD's in the box upstairs, or framed all the pictures you want to, or written up all those cut out recipes (or even cooked an "nth" percentage of them... but they look so nice and you tell yourself you will cook them all) and still there on your list of things to do getting further down the list is "write up blog".

So then you think, right, get to it, write up that damn blog, get it off the list, get the laptop open, get your brain into gear, and you do... you turn on the lap top, and you want to start , and you sit there and think, what the hell do I say.
You have a thousand and one things careening around your head, you scream at yourself, pick a subject damn you, and you think, well,...  do people really want to know that we need a new back fence, and that if only I could find a damned reliable electrician we could get the lights sorted in the kitchen, so that we don't sit in some sort of twilight zone when we eat at the table.
Do they want to here about our latest trip (probably, you posted the photos everywhere says your inner voice).. and then, when you look at things in the cold light of day (and it is getting colder and the light of day shorter, as we enter Autumn) that new blog post doesn't look so bad after all, and you make a start, and suddenly things come together again, and you wonder if it will be read, and you realise, it doesn't matter if it is read, it is the writing that is important, because you can mentally clear house, and you think, I'm not bothered if the Pope reads it, (although if he does, I will be more than a tad surprised, and I hope he leaves a comment)

And we find ourselves, here, a few paragraphs later, and yes, we do need a reliable electrician to come and sort out the spots in the ceiling in the kitchen, as neither of us "does" electric... that is someone else's purview.

I think a touch of cabin fever comes from the fact that I have been off since the middle of July, so about 12 weeks (as I am between contracts, in other words unemployed) and I honestly have read enough now, and while I have done a number of odd jobs around the house, I still look at my "things to do", all those odds and ends that go on the back burner, and wonder how I haven't managed to do them, and feel slightly guilty... ho hum.

Abu Dhabi Bab al Shams 003
Bab al Shams Desert Resort

Lists notwithstanding, we have managed to get away for a break, staying with our wonderful friends T&S and their daughters, in Abu Dhabi. We had a super time and saw some incredible architecture, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai (about an hours car drive up the road from Abu Dhabi)  is so tall, the Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi was just incredible, and the Viceroy Hotel on the Abu Dhabi F1 Circuit was ultra modern.

Abu Dhabi Viceroy Hotel F1 Circuit 013
The Viceroy Hotel, F1 Circuit, Abu Dhabi

Dubai014 - Burj Khalifa
View from the Burj Khalifa Tower

Abu Dhabi Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque 005
The Grand Mosque - Abu Dhabi

There are more photos on my Facebook page and Flickr and probably Instagram ( I know... really!), feel free to take a look, as there are too many to paste into this post. If they only impart one thing on you, then it should be that the Emirates are a land of contrasts. I think to fully understand this, you would need more time there than we had, just for everything to sink in. We did manage to catch up with our good friends, and we can't thank them enough for their hospitality, and hopefully we can return the favour at some point, thanks T&S. 

We had a visitor too, Huw (Peter's stepfather) came over from Spain to stay for a week. It was a nice week of easy meals and laughter, tempered by a trip down to Somerset to inter Peter's Mother's ashes. Is was a sunny autumn day and with a simple ceremony and a few old friends in attendance, we, each in our own way, said our final goodbyes to Anne. Before Huw left, we promised we would get out to Spain in the new year, an easy "top of the list" thing. 

So that's it for now, I'm off to let the hens have an hour or so scratching around before the night sets in. Pudding for dinner has just come out of the oven, wafting delicious warm scents across the place, and one last thing before I go, I must cross "write up blog" off my list......

Take care folks, enjoy the rest of the week. 

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