Monday, October 21, 2013

Happy 40th Anniversary to one of the world's most iconic buildings.....

.. The Sydney Opera House!

Our first proper glimpse of this wonderful building followed a walk through the Botanic Gardens in Sydney, a few years back, and as you round the headland edge of the Gardens towards the bay, there it is, this immense building, stood off in the distance, just waiting to impress.

As you approach the Opera House, you begin to realise just how wonderful it is.
I always imagined that it was pure white, and rendered flat. It isn't. It has an incredible mosaic of tiles, in pale pinks and whites and creams. The building almost sits, brooding, just waiting. You can image that the great curls of concrete and tiles could fold back to reveal an enormous seed pod, or fold forward to create an impregnable, beautiful, fortress.

It deserves all its accolades, and the memories and efforts of all those involved in its making should be trumpeted loud from the very tips of the building that they helped to create.

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