Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Photopost 001 - Spring

Spring blossom

                   Spring Blossom

                   Hedgerow floor

Snakes Head Fritillary
                   Snakes Head Fritillary

Muscari & Bee 002
                   Buzzy Bee

English Bluebell
                   English Bluebell

Fern I


  1. Beautiful!
    I love them all, but am particularly drawn to the intensity and contrast of "Purple" - the brown evergreen against the new violets.
    Hope you and Peter have a good weekend
    - Lee

  2. Hey Lee - i like that Violet too. They are cropping up in different places in the garden, so I am encouraging the, as they are so delicate and vibrant.

    We've just spent Saturday lunch catching up with some old friends from way back, and it was just so nice. A decent lunch, a glass of wine and laughter, this despite Spring's best attempts to dampen our spirits (it is raining... again)

    Here's hoping you and Chuck enjoy the weekend too, cheers xx